Con_Vino. TVC campaign

In 2019, we won the pitch to rejuvenate the image of wine in Spain and promote its consumption.
The first step was to break down the belief that wine is only for connoisseurs.
It’s simply not true. Wine has no rules.
The strategy focused on the idea that to enjoy wine, you have to be an expert, yes, but in savouring life. And in Spain, we know a bit about that.
Two years later, wine consumption among 18-35 years old had increased by 8%.
Over a 2.5-year period, we conducted TV campaigns, OOH, press, web design, digital, branded content, collaborations with influencers, promotions, events, etc.
A very intense and rewarding job that reversed a downward trend, with an 8% increase in consumption among 18-35-year-olds.
And, what is even more relevant, democratizing its image and getting more consumers to include wine among their usual drinks.
Work done in collaboration with Diluvia.